Friday, 17 April 2015

In Fog And Falling Snow - Cast workshop, update

I've been to a couple more cast skills workshops for the In Fog and Falling Snow production since my previous post and it has been great to see not only the play itself slowly start to unfold - the characters, the storyline and so on - but also see the volunteer cast and crew develop both individually and as an ensemble. 

It's been great to see people's personalities start to shine through as they become familiar with each other and the task in hand, and to start thinking about who is going to move into which roles. On which note, the cast skills workshops ended last week and we are starting to move into rehearsals proper, with people being allocated distinct roles or areas they'll be working on. 

Photographically, I am aware that I have moved on from the initial, more mechanical challenges of trying to capture the action, deal with the lighting, try not to get in the way(!) and so on, into thinking more about the play and its story, and the people and their personalities. I'm now concentrating more on trying to capture the key moments that help build up the overall narrative, focussing on quality over quantity. Here are some of my more recent photos. The full set is on my Flickr page.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Black Rose Ball - more photos from the promo shoot

I posted about the Black Rose Ball earlier this month, with the photo we'd used to advertise the gothic masquerade ball taking place on 19 September at the fabulous De Grey Rooms in York.

It was a great shoot, and here are a few more photos that didn't get used for the flyer but that hopefully come together as a more complete set, giving further narrative to the event. You can see the photos larger and get more information on the Black Rose Ball Facebook page

Friday, 3 April 2015

Black Rose Ball 2015

I was delighted to be asked to do the Black Rose Ball promo photoshoot again this year, I had a lot of fun with them last year and this time was no different - they're lovely people and it was great to work with Sam and Alex, excellently modelling for the gothic masquerade ball taking place in September this year.

Here's the image we used for the flyer and I'll put up some of the other photos from the shoot soon.

Friday, 27 March 2015

In Fog And Falling Snow - Cast workshop

The In Fog and Falling Snow production is continuing at a great pace following the volunteers introduction meeting last week, and the cast skills workshops are well underway.

I attended my first two of these workshops last night, here are some of the photos I took, with the full set on my Flickr page.

It was a really fun photo-shoot, lots of movement and energy and great to see the production getting underway. Looking forward to seeing this develop into the full play later in the summer. 

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

In Fog And Falling Snow - Volunteer Intro Meeting

I have joined a group of volunteer photographers recruited to capture the build up to the In Fog And Falling Snow production being put on by York Theatre Royal at the National Railway Museum in July this year. Most of the production - some 500 cast and crew members, is being made up by volunteers and we were all invited to an introductory meeting on the last day the theatre would be open before being closed for a major refurbishment. 

In Fog And Falling Snow will weave its way round the National Railway Museum as the play unfolds, telling the story as "George Hudson sets forth on his journey to build the great East Coast rail network at any cost, the people who build it, along with investors and passengers are caught up in the reckless extravagance of his great adventure. The cost is high for all involved. As they place their bets on the future and the wheel of fortune rolls from the station towards the dark night, only the driver’s daughter sees the danger ahead." (York Theatre Royal)

These are some of my photos from that introductory meeting. There are more on my Flickr page and I'll add more during the cast workshops rehearsals and so on.